Seacoast Tennis Ladder — Season Begins April 1

The STL season begins on April 1.

Every year at this time I have to ask that you reply and let me know if you plan to be active on the Singles and/or Doubles Ladder. Please get back to me by Sunday, March 30 as I will be firming up the ladder standings in the meantime. Your positions on the ladder(s) will be where you where at the end of last season, however the records will discard matches played prior to last season (each year we keep only records from matches played 1 year back).

While we want everyone who has an interest to continue to play on the ladder(s), if you don’t feel that you can satisfy the 2 match monthly minimum or just don’t expect to be able to play, please ask to be removed from the ladder(s). If you end up not playing afterall, it just makes more clerical work for me and confuses the other players looking for matches.

Looking forward to a great year of STL play.

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