Getting Your Matches

Posting to the STL Blog looking for a match is one way, but you need to remember to leave your name and contact information in the post. Otherwise, it looks like it is originating from me. Additionally, comments on your “Match Request” post can only be seen on the STL Blog website by “drilling down” to see comments attached to the post. They show up at the very bottom of the post as a link showing the number of comments. (The only exception to this procedure is that if you are an actual subscribed user, you’ll have control over your posts and comments.)

If you’re having trouble getting matches, you may find that the best way is directly challenging the opponent you wish to play. This is how we did it back when ladders were hanging tags on pegboards at the club or local public courts and there was no internet. Keeping the “5/7/9” rule in mind, simply challenge the player directly by phone or Email. The challenged player is required to accept your challenge or offer alternative playing dates within the week. I urge you to review this part of the rules as they are very specific in this regard and defaults are awarded when challenges are not accepted under the rules.

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