Maintaining Your Ladder Position

A reminder, with just over a week left of play in the month of June, players need to make certain that they get 2 matches in to avoid dropping 2 rungs on the ladder. If you are having trouble obtaining matches, please review this excerpt from our Rules page. The rules are there to help you.

“By definition, a challenge match means that you will receive a call or email from your challenger. As soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours, but not more than 48 hours) after being challenged, a challenged player/team must respond and agree to play the match at the suggested time or, if unavailable to play, offer two(2) alternative dates. The alternatives are to be within seven(7) days of the original challenge and one alternative must be a weeknight on or after 5pm, while the other must be a weekend. The player/team being challenged has the prerogative for choosing the location of the match. Please remember to schedule enough time for three full sets.

Failure to schedule/play a match will result in a default for either the player refusing the challenge or for the original challenger if he/she refuses to accept either of the two(2) alternative dates offered. A default will also result if a player is over 20 minutes late for a match or if a player cancels a match less than 24 hours prior to their match time. If the match is rescheduled, it must be played within seven(7) days. Defaulted matches will be scored as 7-6; 6-7; 7-6. If you cannot play or cannot reasonably accept the challenge, and are not covered by the exclusions below, or simply desire not to play, just accept the default. This is the best means of keeping the ladder moving.

Please note that this procedure is not in effect when using the blog,, or email lists to contact multiple prospective opponents. These means of communication for arranging matches have their own merits but they are not subject to the defaulted match rules above.

Weather-related cancellations of challenge matches that are scheduled effectively remove the match obligation to the challenged player.  This means that requests for challenge matches need to be renewed.”

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