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Maintaining Your Ladder Position

A reminder, with just over a week left of play in the month of June, players need to make certain that they get 2 matches in to avoid dropping 2 rungs on the ladder. If you are having trouble obtaining … Continue reading

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Injury? — What if?

If injury impacts your ladder play, please send a post to the blog letting us know and you’ll be placed on inactive status. You will still be impacted by the 2 match minimum rule while inactive, so will likely drop … Continue reading

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Where are the Matches?

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of match activity, so I thought it would be helpful to reprint here our rules for challenging a player for a match. Sending a group EMail or posting to the blog are a … Continue reading

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Season Over

Yesterday marked the end of the official Seacoast Tennis Ladder season as we enter the dormant period through April, ’16. Thanks to all the players who put the effort in to get in their matches. Wish I could have been … Continue reading

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Inactive Players

Just a reminder that an “Inactive Player” does not count as a rung in the ladder. You do not have to count that player when determining how far away that you can challenge. That makes it very important that you … Continue reading

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STL Procedures

As we near the opening of the Seacoast Tennis Ladder’s season, for the benefit of new players and as a refresher for the veterans, here are some key points of procedure. Starting with the month of May, all players/teams are … Continue reading

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Seacoast Tennis Ladder — Official Start of Season — Friday, May 1

The official opening of the STL season is Friday, May 1. You are certainly welcome to play ladder matches ahead of that date, and the results will be recognized, however players are not required to accept challenges for matches prior … Continue reading

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