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STL Season Begins Tuesday, May 1, but you can play right now.

Players are not required to play matches or respond to challenges until Tuesday, May 1, the start of the season. However, if 2 players agree to play a match earlier, maybe because the weather is good, the match can count as official ladder play.

Once we hit May 1, you are responsible for playing 2 matches (may not be against the same player) each month, or you will drop 2 ladder rungs.

 STL Season Begins Monday, May 1

The STL season will commence on Monday, May 1 and there going forward you’ll be expected to get 2 matches in each month.

Currently I am working on the beginning ladder standings, and will have them posted by the last week in April. Players who did not play any matches during the 2016 campaign are customarily dropped from the ladder and match records will only count performances from 2016. That may mean we will only have about 14 active singles players to begin the year. If you find yourself off the ladder, but intend to play 2 matches per month this coming year, please let me know and you will reenter the ladder at the bottom rung.

Gary K.